DIY Facial massage for younger looking skin
February 2, 2014
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Aging and dull looking skin tips

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Are you experiencing dull, flaky or uneven skin tone lately? It could be related to environmental changes, allergies, sun damage, or stress. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it that is exfoliation. Exfoliation helps bring inner glow back to the surface by removing dry, dull looking skin. Exfoliation helps moisturizer to penetrate better, reduces breakout causing congestion and helps in having a smoother looking skin. The best solution is get a facial every 4-6 weeks for a professional exfoliation. 

If you want to exfoliate at home in between your professional treatment.

Precaution: Follow the rule of exfoliation,” less is more”. Over exfoliation can cause dehydration and make the skin more sensitized, irritated and aged looking. It depends upon the condition of the skin. Many skin conditions are required to exfoliate only a few times in a week. And some skin conditions can use more often, specially if the product is very mild.

How to choose: If your skin is irritated and sensitized, try to avoid sugar or salt scrubs. Salt and sugar scrubs can tear and irritate the skin more. Instead use very mild scrubs which are meant to be used daily like scrubs made with flours. If your skin is very oily use oil absorbing scrubs with clay like fuller’s earth or Kaolin.

Caution: Don’t forget to apply moisturizer and sunscreen after the exfoliation if it is done in the morning.

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