Client's Testimonials

Client's Testimonials

Client's Testimonials

Client's Testimonials

Client's Testimonials

Client's Testimonials

Client's Testimonials

Promila is not your usual esthetician. While she was trained in the US and uses great Dermologica products (also made in the US), she infuses her treatments with her Eastern culture. It’s a wonderful and unique blend of East and West resulting in a relaxing and welcoming experience. Promila is extremely caring and her intention is to bring out the inner glow in all her clients. She is thoughtful about the products and treatments she recommends and tries out both products/services on herself first before offering it to her clients. Promila has a healing, soothing touch and she treats all of her clients like her extended family. You can feel her warm and caring nature. While Dermalogica products aren’t cheap, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin since switching over from Olay products. Promila will recommend products that fit your skin’s needs, but doesn’t push it on you. If you are looking for a one-time spa experience, this is probably not for you. If you are seriously interested in improving your skin and want an esthetician who truly cares and provides a unique and inviting environment, try Kayantra, I highly recommend Promila. – J K.

Me and my mom had a very enjoyable experience at Kayantra. We went to get facials right before a wedding, and this was the place to go. The space was a bit small, but the soothing, soft-lighted interior was comforting. This was my first time getting a facial, and honestly this was the most relaxing thing I’d ever done. I was almost falling asleep while my facial was being done, and I felt like away from the world and its worries. I swear it was like taking a mini-vacation there. What I liked the most at Kayantra was how Promila thoroughly explained to what was going on with our faces (uneven skin tone, acne spots etc.) and provided us with solutions. Even when she was giving facials, she told us what she was putting on our faces and why. Promila does not rush – something that most people don’t do nowadays and what makes going to Kayantra worth it. My facial took about two hours, but that had to be the two most relaxing hours I’ve had in a long time. Promila also sells Dermalogica-brand products, which helps with almost any skin problem anyone has. I’m extremely satisfied by my visit and I definitely recommend giving this place a try. – Alisha P.

I went to Kayantra for a facial recently. I had a great experience. The owner Promila understands skin problems. She gave me a customized facial and I’m very happy with the result. She is dedicated and spent a lot of time on my facial. She uses top notch products. It may seem expensive but I totally got my money’s worth. I would certainly recommend this place to other women. – Meg S.

Had another excellent appointment with Promila. Painless waxing with awesome products—definitely 5 stars! But I’m here to review what Promila specializes in, facials! Finally decided to treat myself to one and let me tell you…it was SUPER relaxing and the first thing my husband says to me when I get home is “you’re glowing!” That speaks for it self 🙂 Thanks Promila for another great experience! See you in a few weeks for my next appointment! – Zahra S.

Promila is a perfectionist and her facials are thoroughly uplifting. She doesn’t rush through the facials and makes sure she uses the best products that work with my skin. Highly recommended! – D I.

I’ve been a fan and a customer of Promila for years and it’s high time I write an update to my initial reviews.I think EVERYONE needs to experience the magic hands of Promila. I had my not regular enough facial with her last Friday and when I was actually conscious it dawned on my why I love her so. Her facials are more than just a facial, they’re a facassage or facialssage. I fall asleep every time and walk out there relaxed and looking amazing.Promila also has services that you won’t find at your typical skincare day spa – shiro dara, candling, and many other Ayurvedic treatments. The Shiro dara experience is one I will never forget. She drizzles warm oil over your forehead (your third eye) and it’s so relaxing I ended up falling asleep and dreaming about being on some cliff overlooking the beach. Get thee to Hercules (I know, I know…it’s a hike, but well worth the drive). – Diana M.

Thank Vishnu that Promila has returned from India to grace us again with her Eastern skin secrets and soft, loving touch! Her talent is immeasurable and her energy simply transcendent! To walk into Taj is to enter into a world of exciting yet comforting Indian exoticism– be it the casbah-like tents in which she will sweep you away for skin treatments and massage, or else the soft Hindi ragas, melodically echoing throughout the background. Her warm, welcoming environment is captivating and enveloping– simply enter and you’ve become a new member of her family. Her care for me never ceases to be wonderful and personalized– be it a few errant eyebrow hairs or a particularly troublesome T-zone. She spends REAL time with me, checking out the shape of my brows before perfecting them, and makes sure I’m absolutely happy. Just to make sure, I always receive a mini face massage with different cooling, yummy-smelling Indian lotions before she lets me leave. Facials are nirvana x 10, as she implements both the finest Western miracle products with her own secret Indian potions. I never want to leave Taj– though I look SO good (compliments of beauty and youthfulness abound from all my friends!!!), I’m captivated by Promila’s extensive knowledge of her craft, and the warmth and love emanating from her presence. Plus, there’s just the pure, relaxing ayurvedic energy of the place. Her new location is just off the beach in Hercules– a perfect place for a quiet, refreshing retreat. Even the pup loves it, as he gets to go swimming and have his own social time in the water after he’s been so wonderful waiting for me. The 15-minute drive from Berkeley is nothing– I spend it giddy on the way there, excited for Promila’s healing, beautifying magic, and the ride home’s all about talking to my pals about how amazing my baby-soft skin and freshly shaped eyebrows look!!! – Danya M.

Had an Ayurvedic facial and Shirodhara yesterday. It was very relaxing and the owner was very friendly. I would definitely return back for a facial. – Sumo K.

Immediate results right after the facial. Her hands are gentle, she’s meticulous with her work. The reason why I trust Promila is because shes doesn’t treat me as just a transaction. I came home after working her magic and now my mom wants me to take her to Kayantra. From the looks of one facial- my flaws will vanish soon. Very promising. Will update after the 6 sessions I purchased – Izette H.

When it comes to beauty services I like to go to professional salons or salon like environments; so I was a little hesitiant to book my facial appointment here since it’s in an office space, but boy am I glad I did. The lady who helped me (who is the owner as well i’m guessing) was the sweetest little Hindi lady and really took the time to customize my facial to the needs of my skin. She has this awesome black light machine that lets her look at the UV damage and oil pockets on your skin. She only uses Dermalogia products and wasn’t very pushy about selling me on them when I was done. I was in her office about 2 hours – 15 minutes of that was for the skin consultation the rest was pure facial!!! AMAZING! my skin literally glowed for days after seeing her. I booked my next appointment 6 weeks out and I can’t wait to go back. She also does scalp/hair treatments for hair regrowth and a few other services. – Angela C.

She’s amazing, professional, caring, friendly and understanding.She takes the time to get to know you and really accommodates to your individual needs. The salon is just an amazing place to relax and be pampered. The owner takes great pride in her work. Not only does she provide amazing facials and waxes, but she managed to transform a common salon into an amazing, relaxing, and exotic place that makes the experience magical and special. – Hilda B.

Promila is amazing! For a very reasonable price, she does a very attentive, thorough facial. I usually spend 2 hours at Taj and only spend $90, which includes an eyebrow wax. She uses Dermalogica products and Indian lotions. My skin is so much better since I started seeing Promila. I’ve been getting facials for ten years, from lots of different people, but none are as good as she is. Even though it’s a bit of a drive from Berkeley, it’s totally worth it. Plus, Promila includes extra massage for her Berkeley clients to make up for the drive. – Abby V.

This was by far the best facial I have ever had! Promila puts you at ease right away and then she works her magic. My face looked 10 years younger after the facial and I was so relaxed during the facial that I was disappointed when it ended. I would highly recommend Promila and her beautiful Kayantra salon for your next facial, you won’t be disappointed!! – Susan S.

I have been seeing Promila for the past two years and no salon compares to her facials, waxing, and massage. I currently drive from Napa when I can..if that gives you a hint of how great she is. Not only is Promila extremely skilled she is also very personable and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I call her the “skin shaman” because she really can work miracles. The wax she uses is very different from what others use, it is not painful and I don’t feel like I am walking out with pink blotches all over. In fact even with just a wax, my face glows, but for a glorious radiance her facials never fail. My sister recently received a European Facial and my mom exclaimed her skin never looked so good! Good, great, glorious! – Gemme V.

Yesterday I called Promila after having read other yelper’s reviews, and I have to agree that her facials are amazing!! She took the time to sqeeze me in at the end of her day, and then really put care and love into it, and used great products to boot. I am so thankful to you fellow reviewers for uncovering such a gem! – Jennifer B.

Highly recommended. Promilaji is the best and you will realize once you take one of her facials. When I went to her for the first time I really didn’t expect too much. Having taken facial from many places earlier, it was just one more skin cleaning session, for me but I am so glad, I was wrong. First of all she examined my skin and discussed with me my concerns for my skin. Then the facial started.She was super sweet,kept me engaged but once she noticed I was drowsing off she didn’t disturb me.It was so relaxing.I almost felt asleep.Not only ,she used products based on my skin’s need ,whole time of the facial ,she stayed with me.But this was not what bought me.Once , the facial was done and I saw my skin ,I could actually see a difference.First of all,it didn’t look like someone has beaten the crap out of know what I mean..My face was actually glowing and looked calmed and soothed. I looked better coming out than going in and this is huge for me.I did not had any reaction to the products she used which is a big problem,given my skin is super sensitive which shows she knows what she is doing.I am so glad ,I found her.Give her a try.You will be delighted. I was. – Aruna S.